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Are You Buying Mother's Day Gifts?

As you consider the fact that Mother's Day is coming up soon, maybe you are already thinking about what you will buy the women in your life. Does that mean that you will be selecting a gift for your wife and one for your mother? Maybe you have told your wife that if she shops for her own mother, you'll take care of buying your mother's gift. Now you might be needing some help on what to buy. If that's the case, here are some suggestions that might help you.

Head To A Jewelry Store

You certainly can't go wrong by selecting a piece of jewelry for both your mother and your wife. The trick is to buy totally different items of jewelry. Think of the women's personalities and let that lead you to the right gift. The store will have many choices in prices that will match what's in your wallet. Think of getting the sales person to help you. After all, he or she will be very familiar with the store's inventory.

The Classic Look

Do the women in your life love everything that is classic? If that's the case, consider pearls. Does your mother have pierced ears? If so, a pair of pearl studs would probably be very well received. Another idea for your mother who loves classic jewelry would be to select a brooch with her birthstone as part of the design. 

Maybe you'll be giving your wife a more extravagant gift, still staying with the classic style she prefers. In that case, think of buying a string of pearls. If she already has a pearl necklace, get a second one that is shorter or longer than the one she already owns. That way she can layer the necklaces to provide added interest to the outfit she's wearing. 

The Dramatic Look

Maybe your wife or your mother—or even both women—aren't classic dressers at all. Instead, maybe one or both love the very latest contemporary clothes (the bolder the better). A silver cuff bracelet would be an ideal gift for either woman.

If you want to select a more expensive gift for your wife, think of buying crystal chandelier earrings and a crystal collar necklace to go with them. A set that includes earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet would certainly be fun to open on Mother's Day.

Part of the enjoyment of receiving a gift is to have it gift wrapped. The jewelry store will more than likely provide that service.